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Buy From Hong Kong

Wal-Mart, Tesco, ALDI, ICA, Kingfisher, WHSmith, Lidl and Gap have setup regional sourcing operations in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a trader’s paradise. You can go to China by using the local metro or a bus or a taxi. Within one hour, you reach the world’s biggest producer of electronic goods, toys, garments and textiles, plastic products and a range of other goods. You can also take a short flight to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and other countries in East Asia. As your sourcing agent, we can help you import from Hong Kong and other countries in the region. We keep in touch with leading manufacturers, factories, and traders, to help you get goods at competitive prices.
Our Services

Finding Suppliers

We help you find suppliers who are supplying the products you are looking for. We shortlist the suppliers based on your requirements. This service helps you get:
  • Suppliers or manufacturers who are already dealing with the products you want
  • Suppliers with valid licenses to supply to other countries
  • Suppliers who offer quality products

Product Sampling and Testing

You always like to deal in products of a high quality. Use our services to collect product samples from various suppliers, as well as get them tested in advanced labs. This service also assists you by reviewing the test reports and verifying them on the basis of their accuracy and completeness. The product sampling and testing service assists you with:
  • collection of product samples from various manufacturers and suppliers
  • sending product samples to recognized labs for testing
  • complete and detailed product test reports
  • getting the test reports and product certifications reviewed to verify accuracy and completeness
  • obtaining certifications from certification authorities

Price Negotiations

Negotiating a suitable price with suppliers is important. You need to make a detailed comparison of prices from different vendors to strike that balance between price and quality. You need someone to collect product samples from different suppliers, and get the products tested. It is only after that can you compare the products on the basis of quality and price. We help you in price negotiations and in striking deals with suppliers. Our price negotiation service:
  • schedules appointments with suppliers
  • helps with translation and interpreter
  • collects product samples for you to compare
  • helps in sourcing quality products at competitive prices
  • and then negotiate prices with the suppliers shortlisted by you

Translations and Interpretations

We assist you with translation and interpretation services. These services are useful when you visit suppliers, markets and fairs. This helps you to communicate better with suppliers and to place your orders. We have professionals to translate and interpret in different languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Hungarian, German and Arabic Along with professional guides, we can also provide written details about your enquiry, as well as take pictures of the item that you wish to buy. Our native language speaking experts assist you with interpretation of your conversations and to overcome communication challenges in day-to-day business. The translation service offers :
  • translation in different languages
  • translation of commercial documents
  • communication with your suppliers in different native languages etc.
  • interpreter services on visit to markets, trade fairs and factories

Quality Checks

Get your goods inspected before they are shipped using our quality checking services. This service includes inspection of your goods for quality, testing – with certification – if required, and packing or repacking. Your goods are inspected as per your guidelines by professional inspectors. And if you require, you can get inspection at all stages – from a factory audit, through manufacturing, packing, and shipping. You can also opt for our QC services such as :
  • production monitoring
  • pre-production check
  • pre-shipment inspections
  • container loading checks

Making Payments

When you deal with suppliers, take our assistance to pay for the goods you import. We make the payment process easier by assisting you to pay suppliers using multiple options. While you pay us in your currency, our associate companies take care of the payments in the local currency. this service offers various payment options, including :
  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bank Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Escrow

Warehousing and Storage Services

Get reliable warehousing services for your goods. Warehouses are used by companies for assembling or integrating and repacking goods sourced from multiple production centres, before they are shipped. You are assured of a warehousing service managed by well-trained professionals. And you always stay informed with our purchase order management, storage report – with photo – and information about every shipment. You get a warehouse which suits your needs. And rest assured that your goods will be stored in a clean and efficient warehouse with pick and pack operation. Service includes:
  • warehouse with 24 hour CCTV surveillance
  • specialised warehousing or storage requirements for perishables
  • purchase order management
  • storage reports
  • written information on every shipment
  • storage and distribution
  • local trucking, and pick up from suppliers
  • pick-and-pack operations
  • safe handling of your goods

Packing – Repacking

When your products are shipped out from country of origin, you need packing that can endure the journey to your destination. Or you may want your products in customised packaging. Your products can be repacked in UAE, before shipment, in packaging suited to the requirements of your home country. Your products are repacked according to your product, and your, specifications. To ensure safe delivery of your products without damage during transportation. The packing/repacking service offers:
  • customised package design and printing
  • thickness, inner dimensions, outer dimensions, color, design using specifications approved by you
  • safe, endurable and high quality packaging material


Get products with your own branding from suppliers. With our branding and OEM services, you can get your own logos and trademarks on products. You can take our help to find manufacturers who specialise in OEM products. Our OEM and branding services include:
  • designing the artwork for your product’s logo, emblem, or symbol
  • printing your company’s logo, trademark, or other details on the products
  • designing and printing the packaging with our company’s logo, trademarks, or other details


Shipping your products safely to their destination is important to us. You can get competitive quotes from leading shipping agencies with the help of our local office. We coordinate with the freight forwarding agency selected by you, for documentation and custom clearance. You will be assisted in the documentation process, which includes the packing list, commercial invoice, inspection certificate, declaration form, export contract, and proof of payment. Once your documents are verified and approved by customs, we help you reserve the shipping tickets. The shipping service includes:
  • comparative quotes from leading freight forwarders
  • competitive shipping cost
  • packing and packing lists
  • custom clearance
  • shipping reservation
  • warehousing
  • ensure your products have been loaded on the assigned container

Documentation and Licenses

Do not worry if you do not have a license. Work with our partners who have licenses to import/export products in multiple countries. You can be assured of a team that will guide you through trade policies and procedures in UAE. When you use our services to buy goods, you get assistance :
  • with documentation for custom clearance
  • for all mandatory approvals and filling of forms
  • to prepare packing list
  • with inspection certificate
  • preparing the import contract
  • payment for the import
  • with document verification and approval

Custom Clearance

Custom clearance for your products becomes easier for you with our value-added solutions. You get assistance in preparing and submitting all required documents. Your goods will be imported at low-risk assessment at the customs. Most of your paperwork will be handled by us with accuracy. And for faster clearance, the process will be started while your goods are in transit. Services include:
  • collecting consignments
  • timely and accurate customs declarations
  • gateway clearances, where required
  • return shipment handling
  • document verification
  • keeping you updated on regulations
  • getting you duty concessions, where applicable


Your comfort and ease of travel is important for us. Being your trading agent, we can assist with your travel plans. Our travel partners will assist you with your visa formalities; arrange a pick-up from airport or seaport, taxi or cab bookings, and hotel reservations. If you have to travel to different cities in UAE, India, China or Hong Kong, a dedicated native language-speaking agent can accompany you, as well as take care of your business requirement. Travel services include:
  • organising and planning your business trip
  • formal invitation for applying for a visa
  • air ticket bookings
  • pick-up from, and drop back to, the airport or seaport
  • booking of local transport
  • hotel reservations
  • appointments with suppliers